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"Behind all successful technologies is a set of creative and committed people..."

Deepak Puri

Chairman and Managing Director

At Moser Baer Solar Limited, to merely state that people are our biggest asset is not enough - we believe they are the drivers of our growth and the real reason for our success. The company's intellectual capital is the cumulative insight of each and every employee. The power of this capital is reflected in everything we do, whether it is improving process efficiencies, re-engineering equipment, lowering costs, enhancing productivity, launching new products or improving shareholder value.

Our team comprises experienced, highly-motivated and skilled personnel from various disciplines and diverse backgrounds that blend into a common work ethos that fosters excellence and continuous growth.

Moser Baer Solar Limited has a history of setting challenging targets (seemingly impossible) and a history of achieving them too. What makes this possible every time is our constant endeavor to provide an environment where people have freedom at work. Risk taking and innovation is encouraged and learning opportunities are provided to bloom talent. We ensure synchronization of each individual to the company's business and growth by aligning them to the corporate goals and objectives and keeping them abreast with the latest developments and accomplishments.

This culture is reinforced by our people policies and practices which are forward looking and align to our vision and values framework.

This is what some members of the Moser Baer Solar Limited family have to say about their company:

"A place where people work with a smile on their faces and dreams in their eyes..."

"A place where your views can be freely voiced and are received with an open mind..."

"A place where you know whenever you need help, there is a family of around 1500 members waiting to help you out..."

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