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156mmx156mm Multicrystalline Solar PV Cells
Moser Baer multicrystalline solar cells are manufactured from highly purified polysilicon in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that permits use of thin silicon wafers. The wafers are handled through non-contact Bernoulli grippers and moved horizontally on conveyor belts and rollers through various process steps resulting in stress-free cell.

The cells are coated with silicon nitride (SiNx:H) anti-reflection layer using PVD sputtering to have uniform deposition ensuring maximum light capturing capability throughout their lifetime.
Cell Features And Benefits
Manufactured from high quality multicrystalline silicon wafers Uniform surface morphology through isotropic texturization Emitter deposition in a metal-free roller furnace Uniform blue anti-reflection coating to enhance wide spectral response Metallization through highly automated printing line with world-class vision system ensuring best print quality through auto-paste dispenser Edge isolation by laser ablation technique 100% sorting for both visual and electrical parameters using class A sorter
Manufacturing Excellence
Proprietary wafer inspection system to carry out 100% incoming wafer inspection to ensure highest wafer to cell yield Inline integrated quality control and monitoring Highly safe operating conditions through automated Chemical Dosing System (CDS) Automated cell sorting into 32 separate bins based on IEC 609041 guidelines
Quality Standards
100% inspection for reverse current, shunt resistance and series resistance 100% inspection for visual and optical defects such as cracks or holes, finger interruption, rear bus bar interruption, missing Aluminium print per cell, and surface contamination Cells calibrated to reference cells from Fraunhofer ISE cell lab, Germany, traceable to NIST standard Bar-coded packaging to facilitate complete “wafer to cell” electronic data trail
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