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Re-energizing the World


How do you relate the brand MOSER BAER?
Optical Media (CDs, DVDs) Solar Industry
Do you have knowledge about the Solar Energy?
Yes No
Brand comes to your mind as soon as you hear “SOLAR PRODUCTS”?
Have you ever used any MOSER BAER SOLAR LIMITED (MBSL) products before?
Yes No
Currently are you using any other solar product.      
What type of Products are you Interested in?
Modules Home Lighting System
Street Lighting system Lanterns
What type of Moser Baer Solar Limited module do you Know?
Poly/Multi Crystalline module Thin Film Module
Don’t Know    
Where did you hear about Moser Baer Solar Limited?
News Paper Advertisement Exhibitions
From Existing Customers Others Please specify  
According to you which type of advertising medium is effective for MBSL Solar industry?
Print Media TV advertising
Exhibitions Search Engines (referred by others)
Any Others    
Do you feel that the Corporate Website of Moser Baer Solar Limited is providing Complete Information?
Yes No
 If NO, what would you like to add      
Are you willing to receive regular updates from Moser Baer Solar Limited?
Yes No
If yes, please specify, by e-mail/SMS/Phone      
Why do you choose Moser Baer Solar Limited?
Brand Name Quality of Product
Quality of Service Randomly
Price Recommendation of current users
Do you know Moser Baer Solar Limited manufactures Green Leaf Certified LEAD FREE Solar Modules?
Yes No
What two words from the following list would you use to describe Moser Baer Solar Limited?
Innovative Efficient
Successful Cooperative
Systematic Helpful

Personnel Detail

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Address :
Occupation :
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