Our solar shingles incorporate the dependability of conventional roof shingles while benefiting from solar-generated electricity. They are an excellent technology for installers, contractors, and EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) who seek an elegant and sleek solar PV (photovoltaic) system that integrates smoothly with residential or commercial buildings. Moreover, our roof shingles can be utilized as primary roofing or can serve as substitutes for conventional shingles.

Compared to conventional solar panels, one of the benefits of roof shingles (not excluding electricity production) is aesthetically attractive. Our roof shingles are exceptionally durable beyond their performance and aesthetic look due to their protective quartz coating.

Product Features

Our BIPV shingles integrate with conventional roof structures harmoniously. Moreover, it consists of top-quality thin-film cells to make that possible. As a result, our product delivers more energy while maintaining the architectural design of a building.

Additionally, our roof shingles are energy-efficient and help reduce the carbon footprint of any building. Suppose that you have a 150 square meter rooftop with solar shingles. In 30 years, you can reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas Emissions), equivalent to more than 150 tonnes of burnt coal.


The dimensions of our shingles are the same as conventional roof shingles. Therefore, when compared to solar panel installation, solar shingles can take effort and time. Covering an area with roof shingles can be labor-intensive. These solar shingles need to be placed side by side, and each piece must be wired to the building.

The time needed to install solar shingles depends on the following:

  • Roof area
  • Number of workers
  • Condition of the roof (existing or new)

Though solar shingles can be challenging to set up, the benefits you harbor include reducing harmful gas emissions, increasing savings in the long run, generating electricity while having a roof covering, maintaining architectural design, and more.