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Hybrid Systems

For Indian, SAARC & African Markets

Sun as a source of power is variable by virtue of its nature. The most important aspects of an SPV system is to be cost effective and to have the right system autonomy to provide reliable power even during periods of adverse weather, seasonally low radiation values or unpredicted increased demand for power.
The addition of autonomy in stand-alone PV system could be accomplished by over sizing the PV array and by over sizing the battery storage bank respectively. But this option is expensive.

Instead, an optimal Hybrid system is designed by integrating the PV system with Grid Power, Diesel Generator (DG), Wind Turbine, Thermal Power, Petroleum-Fueled or even Hydrogen Power. The need for excess power and built-in system autonomy is reduced by this kind of integration. These systems are normally referred to as hybrid systems. The hybrid of PV system can be with any one source of power or all the above mentioned sources.

Our trained engineers design the most optimum hybrid system design depending on the location and power loads available at the site for your specific requirements.

Banking and Telecom Sector

Telecom and Banking Industry are among the fastest growing sectors. Telecom and Banking applications range from small emergency Call Boxes to large Microwave Repeaters, Relay Towers, UHF/VHF Radio Repeaters, Wireless Local Loop(WLL), VSATs, Fiber Optic Repeaters, Earth Stations, TV Translators, Relay Stations, Distance Learning, Remotely Controlled Systems, Cellular and GSM telephones and Rural/Remote bank branches and ATMs. All these systems are to be operated continuously with a stable and reliable power supply.

This sector depends a lot on DGs and UPS as backup power in the absence of Grid Power to operate these systems continuously. Solar PV is the ideal DC energy source, especially in rural and remote areas, for powering such equipment uninterruptedly by providing a reliable power with very low maintenance and a long life.

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