In 2017, the yearly solar cell generation was over 100 GW. In some areas of the globe, PV (photovoltaics) has become the cheapest method to create electricity, even less costly than the borderline expense of a fossil fuel power plant.

At Mose Solar, we continue to work on PVs and pursue developing and commercializing different technologies, including solar PV modules, monocrystalline panels, multi-crystalline modules, mono PERC solar panels, solar tiles, roof shingles, and more. As a result, we speed up the growth of the photovoltaic industry.

We also have a tertiary program that allows our alumni to be a significant part of the photovoltaic industry worldwide. Our online program was created in collaboration with universities to accompany the PV manufacturing course. Moreover, it is free and available to those who are part of the community.

We aim to provide a detailed overview of solar cell construction and feature the latest trends in the industry. We believe that this textbook is highly valuable and helpful for both university students and aspiring professionals. We will continue to add new and useful content to our website in light of the fast growth and evolution.

A well-known energy agency provided the funding for our project relating to the PV manufacturing textbook through a grant from a center for modern photovoltaics. At Mose Solar, we value the education of the PV community, to push solar technologies in the market further and minimize carbon emissions on a global level.