Do you want to be part of an international company that is committed to pushing the transition to renewable energy at a faster pace? Consult our job board online to view Mose Solar’s career opportunities.

Employee Benefits

  • A generous profit-sharing scheme for employees, sharing the success of the company
  • Performance-based incentives and a competitive remuneration
  • Comprehensive dental and medical insurance package
  • Access to private medical care free of charge in case of emergencies
  • A retirement plan
  • Free, fresh, and healthy lunch served five days a week
  • Free access to a fitness facility on-site year-round

Workplace Environment

  • Ergonomic and modern offices and workstations
  • On-site parking, a green park, and an outdoor dining and workspace area
  • Large auditorium for special presentations, seminars, and town halls
  • Conference rooms with multimedia systems and videoconferencing
  • Multiple dining rooms and kitchens
  • A large and fully-equipped gym exclusive for employees only

Career Development and Training

  • Educational help programs
  • Performance management initiatives
  • Continued product and technical training
  • Information systems coaching
  • Market and industry trends training
  • Training for environmental certification
  • Experiential development and team-building off-site
  • Leadership programs and management training

Trust Mose Solar

What makes Mose Solar the best employer? We are committed to developing a working culture that embraces excellence, integrity, and honesty. It is a culture that goes hand in hand with our core values, encouraging and motivating every team to be proud of their achievements as a group and as individuals. At the heart of our employment process, we believe that every worker is vital for the success of our company. If you become part of our organization, you will experience belongingness and loyalty in exchange for your hard work.