Mose Solar is a reliable source for PV manufacturers, solar distributors, contractors, project developers, EPC (Engineer, Procurement, and Construction), and installers in several countries.

Our procurement programs cover a range of inventory services, trade financing, and material resourcing. These solutions make our customers gain profit by maximizing working funds and boosting liquidity in production and distribution.

Solar Products and Materials

Aluminum Frames

Our semiconductor-grade aluminum frames are formed and assembled with high-precision equipment to ensure a long lifespan and excellent performance.

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes supply remarkable heat-dissipating production and manufacturing workability for panel producers.

Photovoltaic Backsheets

Newly improved PV backsheets offer better resistance to physical damage, chemicals, temperature changes, and moisture.

Photovoltaic Connectors

MC4 PV solar connectors deliver exceptional safety and reliability in harsh environments.

Photovoltaic Solar Ribbon

We offer high-quality solar ribbons developed to provide elongation, solderability, and perfect uniformity at a reasonable and competitive price.


We offer raw polysilicon or polycrystalline silicon in different formats and grades, including ingot, powder, chips, and chunks.

Roof Tiles

Different types of solar roofing include transparent laminates, modules and PV cells, and solar laminates.

Solar Cells

We have a complete range of multi-crystalline and monocrystalline PV cells for project developers and module manufacturers.

Silicon Wafers

We offer single and multiple excellent performing silicon wafers manufactured according to the accurate specifications of module producers and PV cells.

Solar Modules

We have mono perc, bifacial, multi, and mono solar modules available for contractors, installers, EPCs, project developers, and solar suppliers.

Solar Shingles

We provide solar shingles that come in various styles that mimic typical asphalt shingles, slate, and clay tile.

Wall Panels

Our solar panels are available in different colors and textures, bringing versatility and architectural quality to all projects.

Supporting Solar Growth

In the past years, new measurements covering the solar chain have become necessary to reinforce the growth of the photovoltaic market. The challenge is the investment required to build and produce solar modules, solar cells, and solar wafers. Moreover, the solar market today runs in a low-profit margin environment. All these factors combined present a significant challenge to sustain the growth and operation of solar manufacturers globally.

We aim to provide PV materials that lessen manufacturing expenses while enhancing the performance and yield of solar products. Our experience in the industry empowers us to supply material sourcing, supply chain, and financing expertise in the manufacturing and installation process.