Solar walls are innovative PV solutions developed to power the ventilation system of buildings. They lessen energy consumption, carbon emissions, and heating costs during colder seasons. Our wall panels allow operators and building owners to improve heated ventilation without incurring extra energy costs while reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, these panels do not require much maintenance in their lifetime.

Solar wall panels are solutions that help heat buildings passively. Similar to solar chimneys, using solar walls is a way to achieve an energy-efficient construction design. These walls integrate exterior buildings with interior equipment to utilize solar energy in ventilating and heating indoor spaces.

A solar wall is set up by placing metal cladding on the outer wall of an establishment. The solar cladding is pierced and built on the front part of a building wall. Then, solar collectors are set up to make a channel for air between walls. These channels allow the exchange of heated air.

There are many benefits of using solar walls. Aside from being cost-efficient, the sun’s heat is free; therefore, it minimizes greenhouse gas emissions because it does not require coal-burning, unlike boilers and heaters. Moreover, solar wall panels can keep buildings warmer during winter because they also serve as an additional shield to the outer wall. Furthermore, solar walls are not expensive, which is almost equal to the cost of installing brick walls.

Product Features

  • High ROI (Return on Investment) in 7 to 8 years
  • Significant energy savings, especially during colder months
  • Sleek and appealing appearance
  • Multiple colors available to match building designs
  • Laminated glass cover to ensure safety and improve durability
  • High power generation and output
  • Low-temperature coefficient

Available in different colors and profiles, solar walls carry versatility and architectural quality, keeping them on top of other BIPV solutions in the market.